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Rising 2nd Grade Summer Packets

Cheap(often FREE) Things to do -- Ms. Cheap!

Suggested Summer Reading Lists

Summer Reading Programs

Ideas to stay healthy and enjoy fitness with your kids!

Be a Young Naturalists @ Warner Park Nature Center

Watch TN Wildlife

Work & Harvest in our own school garden

Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

Enriching Fun Things to Do together!

Children's Theater is a great place to enjoy a play together!

Metro Parks has FREE FUN----Click on Community Centers for Details

Tennessee State Museum

Visit the Zoo! at Grassmere. Generate questions and curiousity!

Bicentennial Park at the base of the capital this is a fabulous place for kids.

Visit the Adventure Science Center! You can even celebrate birthdays here!

Visit Swifty at the Frist Center for Visual Arts - Free for kids -Join the kids club for more fun.

Cheekwood museum is a great place to take a hike, enjoy the art displays, take a class or just enjoy a walk through the botanical garden!

Ellington Agricultural Center - learn about TN histroy in Agriculture

Star gaze with the Barnard-Seyfort Astronomical Society or Vanderbilt's Dyer Observatory has special events, too. Learn to See the night Sky in TN for your self at this site.

Visit a State Park --- ALL you need including costs & directions!

Nashville Public Library

Nashville Symphony Orchestra

Ballet for kids!

Click on the books to r

Summer Reading Programs

Scholastics Super Hero Summer Reading Club lets you win prizes as you track your reading. Sign up now. Runs through Sept. 9th

Scholastic Summer Reading List

NPL Summer Reading Fun Sign up now. Program runs through August 13th!


Westmeade Summer Reading Lists

You can print Westmeade's lists out. They are only one page long!

Entering 1st Grade Entering 2nd Grade
Entering 3rd Grade Entering 4th Grade


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Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

The best opporunities for kids to volunteer usually occur through a church, synagogue, or mosque where they do things as a group. Seeing parents volunteer and going along to help are great ways to help kids become volunteer oriented. Here are some possibilities. Here are some suggestions and links below to read more about why volunteering with children is important.

Kids Health has an excellent article on volunteering with children.

Kid-friendly volunteer opportunities on Pinterest!







Here are phonics skill development games and a few other reading development games plus some that are geared to help young learners express themselves!

Nursery Rhymes are an important foundation for reading. Click and print out and color rhymes andlearn about why they are so valuable to new readers! Click here to see the word families in Nursery rhymes. This site also has music for each rhyme!

The entire STARFALL Site is worthwhile for begining and reviewing early literacy! Kids love it. Try it you will, too!

Beginning Skills

Sight Words

Pre-Primer words Primer Words 1st Grade

Alpha Order & simple listening and doing!

Letter Recognition Learn to recognize matching upper and lower case letters, Vowels and Consonants!

Lower & Upper case Game

Sky Riding lets kids learn to recognize letters

Dub Club lets kids learn easy word families

Messy Atttic is a listening and following directions game! It builds listening, recognition and computer use skills.


Matching Game - with Arthur! Play against you and you must match multi-cultural symbols!

Play the Opposite game and develop listening and vocabulary

The Antonym and Synonym Toss helps kids learn sords that is great way for kids to build their skills at getting opposite!

Make-believe or Real Game helps kids tell the difference between things that are fact or fiction!

Recognizing Upper and Lower case letters.

Beginning Consonant Sounds and simple word families

Fuzzy Lions Ears - hearing the sound and completing the words is this games goal.

Pounce is a great game for learning phonics -- it also helps students learn to recognize words and know meaning!

Blend Game - combine letter sounds to create simple three word families. Children type simple three letter words to match the sounds.

Chicken Stacker (vowel sounds) let students match vowel sounds by stacking up the chickens!

Long Vowel Sounds - practice long vowel sounds with these cute poems!

Use phonemes to build a Sand CASTLE

Sequencing and following directions

Story Scramble -- Put the screens in order to make a story!

Digby Mole's Word Activities - Matching, rhymes, beginning and ending sounds

Story Bear - 3 interactive stories develop listening skills and following directions.

Fraser the Eraser helps students develop listening skills, learn how to describe things and follow directions!

Making Sentences and using punctuation

HMS Sweet Tooth - lets students put periods (full stops) at the end of sentences!

The Patchworker lets students patch together sentences so that they make sense!

Dragonland lets students identify the questions and win the jewelled question mark from the Dragon!

Look Out Below ( make small words from the letters of a big word in this game)

Be a Descriptive Detective - Describe carefully and help Arthur find the missing person.

Magic Key - Seeing patterns in poems and rhymes



Falling Clouds - put words in order and make sentences.

Gawain's Word (word blends) you can make words in a joust!

Look Out Below ( make small words from the letters of a big word in this game)

Words and Pictures These games from the BBC have many activities will make learning phonics fun.

Learn Nouns and Verbs with this fun game.

Code Calling lets kids find words that have similar meaning to replace in sentences.

In Floppy and the Puppies you must fill in the sentences using context clues.

Creamcake Cake Mystery is a game that uses rhyming skills.

Word Play lets you child see and hear the word as it does exactly as it says! Advanced - Intermediate

Alphabet Soup sounds simple enough but don't be decieved.

Have fun with Rhyme and Rthym-

Aliteration Fun

Kids Corner Enjoy this assortment of Beatrix Potter stories, recreated as online texts, complete with her lovely illustrations. (Primary)

Aesop's Fables created by John R. Long, contains an alphabetically arranged collection of over 654 online fables for grades 4-12. Each tale includes the moral

Science Fun

MadScience Fun  

Science Bob's adventures!

Sid the Science Kid

Math Fun

Follow these Links and find other math activities for your child's grade level

A one-stop shop for all the skills your student needs to succed at each grade level with links to etandards!

Math Forum

A+ Math

Animated Math Glossary

Johnnie's Math

Masters of Mathematics Practice On-Line

Online Flash Cards

Houghton Mifflin Math

Math Cats

AAA Math

Play to LearnTelling Time and Counting Money

Math Playground

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Count us In5 math related games from addition to volume.

Create a Graph

Measurement Games -

Learn mass, length or capacity!

Virtual Ruler

Learn equivalent measures - quarts, tons, pounds, yards etc.

Money Counting Games


Number Sense

Counting Fun!

Find the Doggie Bones

Bobber's Farm - odds and evens, composite and prime numbers

Count by twos - coloring fun

Try the MONSTER SQEEZE GAME to learn about greater than and less than

Cats in a Line - teaches ordinal numbers with cute kitties!

Use reasoning to Guess The Number

Find the Patterns (Beginner)

Telling Time

Learning to use the Clock

Clockworks is fun

Play missing hands

What time is it?





GameAcquarium a


Math Magician

Baloon Pop Subtraction

Lots of Games here



Division Derby


GameAcquarium - Fraction Gamesion

Multiplication games


Factor Bingomes

GameAcquarium - place value gamesce value gamesionChallenge

More of EVERYTHINGrounding, estimation, word problems -- difficult stuff!!

Math Jeopardy

Ask Dr. Math anything (relating to math)

Flood is a great game to help children think about organizing information by subject.

Math fun - a weekly brain teaser!